15 Detox Soup Recipes

Our ideas for making detox soup

Tasty and light, detox soup it can be consumed both as an appetizer and as a main course. Less rich than comforting soups served with a good dollop of cream or cheese, but full of benefits, detox soup most often it consists only of vegetables or even fruits to load with vitamins. If it is possible to prepare it with a regular pot, we still advise you to use a heated blender to preserve the nutrients of the vegetables.

Regarding the ingredients to prefer in a detox soup recipe, the list is relatively long, especially since you can adapt it according to seasonal products. Still, it’s good to know that broccoli and various types of cabbage have digestive properties that help flush out toxins more easily. Leeks and artichokes have diuretic properties that make them ideal candidates for recovery after a festive meal with light soup.

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