15 Recipe Ideas for Weight Loss with December Vegetables (1/16)

Turnips, cabbage, sauerkraut, lamb’s lettuce and spinach are among the top 5 vegetables for December. In the middle of raclettes, tartiflettes and Christmas dishes, many recipes allow you to try winter vegetables. They’re certainly less of a summer vegetable, but with a little imagination you can incorporate them into a multitude of recipes. These vegetables warm the heart and body in gratins, veloutés, parmentieres or purees. To eat even more vegetables, discover our 15 original recipes for eating vegetables.

More traditional Florentine spinach to the originals Parsnip Baked Potatoes, let yourself be tempted by our recipes. Soups and broths are a must in winter. Try it Jerusalem artichoke and almond velouté with Thermomix© or to healthy salfik soup. To accompany good meat or fish, Pumpkin, carrot and turnip puree and on stewed carrots and endive in light cream it will melt your taste buds. For your office lunches, take a waltz of drained grated black turnip, white cabbage and sesame carrotsa light rack of chicken, celery, feta and lamb salada a thin salad of lamb’s lettuce and pumpkin or a quiche without turnip skin. The latter will also be ideal for dinner. Serve with baby spinach salad. For an aperitif with dinner, as a starter or even as a main course salmon bricks, spinach and goat cheese it will be perfect. Finally, don’t miss out scallops on Jerusalem artichoke puree with turmericthem light salmon papillotka with grilled endive and limeon Parmentier of turkey and parsnip or even a pot of rice with spinach and mushrooms. Even if the night falls fast in December and the cold makes us stay warm under a square, these complete meals that take more or less time to prepare will allow you to enjoy beautiful evenings with family or friends.

Here are ours 15 recipe ideas with December vegetables.

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