15 Recipe Ideas With November Vegetables (1/16)

Winter is approaching, and with it our desire for soups and warm dishes that are good for us. Vegetables for November are varied: cabbage, Jerusalem artichoke, rutabagas, but also endive, pumpkin, leek and Swiss chard! Thought you had few cooking options when the cold weather hit? Think again!

We offer you delicious recipes for varied and balanced meals throughout the month. Also discover our best vegetables for November 5. For surprising aperitifs try endive leaves with Roquefort cheese and walnuts and on samosa with leeks and carrots with coconut milk for weight loss. Many November fruits will be mixed with savory recipes. Here are our top 5 November fruits. It’s also the season of soups and stews. We offer several to diversify the pleasures: pumpkin and chestnut velouté, Quebec-Style Maple Rutabaga Soup and slight caressed Jerusalem artichoke soup with cheese and walnuts. A light coleslaw from 3 cabbages would make a great appetizer or lunch meal. For a good, easy-to-carry midday meal, you can also prepare a light pastry with leeks and goat cheese. Accompany it with an endive salad with walnuts. Many hearty meals are perfect for dinners you won’t have time to cook. Do, for example, a endive risotto, light parmesan and crushed almondsa rutabaga and bright Jerusalem artichokefrom endive, ham and gorgonzola lasagna revisited or some quiches: light pumpkin and Comté® Where light with Swiss chard and Gouda. This is also the last moment to try Swiss chard, which will no longer be in season after November. For those who own a robot, cabbage with stewed sausages in the Thermomix® will warm the coldest evenings. And finally, a simple one turnip puree with spices and honey will accompany all your fish and meat and a duck breast with red cabbage and white wine will impress your guests.

Here are ours 15 recipe ideas with November vegetables.

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