6 Forgotten Vegetables to Cook This Fall

Swiss chard, broccoli, walnut or celery are among the seasonal vegetables in the spotlight every fall. Stars of the supermarket’s fresh shelves or gardener’s stalls, they are impossible to miss. But there are other, older vegetables “forgotten” by French agriculture. Parsnip, crosne or vitellot also deserve attention. If you are lucky enough to grow some in your vegetable garden or find in a local shop and don’t know how to prepare them: here is a practical article that should help you. Put on the apron and go to the stove to cook delicious autumn meals with us.

The lumpy chervil

The flesh of this forgotten vegetable is sweet and melting with a slight taste of apple or hazelnut. A delight for the taste buds that you can prepare in several ways. In the kitchen, you have several options to try the tuber chervil.

  • Fry it (after peeling and chopping it) in a pan with onions and olive oil. Serve hot as an appetizer or side dish.
  • Another option to warm up your fall evenings: tuber chervil velouté with caramelized hazelnuts and crispy onions. You can find the recipe here.
  • Finally, to make it simpler, bake your tuber chervis with cinnamon and hazelnut butter. You can follow the recipe at this link.
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Its original corkscrew shape somewhat resembles an earthworm. But it tastes more like an artichoke. How to cook it? Nothing could be simpler: first you have to prepare them without peeling them. How to do it?

  • Rub your lower back in a cloth with coarse salt. Rinse them with a little lemon water, then dry them one by one. We continue cooking: bring a large volume of water to a boil in a pot or Dutch oven. Pour in the crone. When the broth is restored, cook for 5 minutes, then remove the crowns from the heat and drain.
  • Then fry them in a pan with onion, olive oil and some fresh herbs like thyme. Add a drizzle of honey. Season to taste, such as vinegar, soy and a few sesame seeds, as suggested by this recipe spotted in the magazine Yes!. Simple and delicious!
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Parsnips are a root vegetable that returns to our habits and memories. Cook it au gratin with mushrooms (recipe here) or as a velouté with sweet potatoes (recipe from this link).

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This root vegetable is reminiscent of parsnips or Jerusalem artichokes. We cook it the same way. For example, sautéed in a pan with fresh herbs or in a soup, combined with other seasonal products such as leeks or potatoes. Namely: the napkin oxidizes quickly when you peel it (like an apple). To slow down this process, cover it with a little lemon water or vinegar. Its flesh also becomes sticky. To avoid discomfort, wear gloves or simply peel your salsify under running water.

  • As a change from soups and pan-fried vegetables, here’s a seasonal recipe for the gourmands among us: salfitte and broccoli casserole. You can find the recipe (vegetarian) here.
  • Another original recipe: solidified fried. To do this, mix 150 g of corn starch with 1 packet of baking powder, 1 pinch of salt. Then add 70 g of milk (or vegetable option), 12 cl of water and 1 egg (or vegetable option). Add salt, pepper and stir vigorously. In a pan or fryer, add the oil for frying. Dip the salfis into the donut batter, then gradually add them to the frying oil. Cook for 5 minutes, then drain and serve with homemade mayonnaise or ketchup.
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Jerusalem artichoke

You got it, autumn is the season of roots and forgotten vegetables! Another example is the Jerusalem artichoke, the tubers of which are eaten in a variety of ways. Pureed, in soup, grilled, in a salad or even sautéed as a roast (with garlic and parsley, for example). For slightly more original recipes:

  • Try this thin Jerusalem artichoke and mozzarella pie recipe.
  • Or this Vegan Jerusalem Artichoke Gratin via this site.
  • And finally this Jerusalem artichoke, parsnip and rutabaga hummus.
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The whirlwind

This potato is original for the month as its flesh is purple in color. It will add a little poetry to your simplest dishes like purees or veloutés. To change your cooking habits, you can try cooking vitellote potatoes by:

  • purple gnocchi: just replace the usual potatoes with the Vitelotte variety. Here is a sample recipe via this link.
  • potato pancake (vitellot, of course) grated: you can find the recipe on this site.
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