A very simple recipe that will upset all your taste buds!

You have the opportunity to find Chinese soups in stores, but, unfortunately, the composition is not always what you expected. Indeed, the amount of sugar is often astronomical and the calorie intake is not as expected. With a few ingredients, you will have a particularly pleasant result and you will no longer be able to massage yourself with this dish, which you can refuse according to your wishes and preferences.

Chinese soup with shredded chicken

The ingredients for a traditional version are fairly easy to find. You can find minced chicken or turkey, the choice depends on your preference. This saves you from buying cutlets or chicken breasts that you have to cut into small pieces. In fact, the products are ready to use.

  • Heat the pan with a drizzle of olive oil and add the meat, which you need to color slightly.
  • Include chopped carrots, ginger if desired and even black mushrooms.
  • Do not forget to add salt and pepper according to your preferences, mix the preparation well so that it does not stick.
  • Then you can add one tablespoon of soy sauce and half a spoon of vinegar.

For this delicious Chinese soup, bean sprouts are also welcome, as are minced onions. You still have dry detergent because you have not yet added liquid at this stage of the preparation. Next, crush a cube of chicken stock, preferably skim, this way you avoid a significant calorie intake. Then you add 500ml of cold water and finally you can add cornstarch to achieve consistency.

Mix everything on low heat to prevent your Chinese soup from sticking. Preferably get a fairly tall non-stick pot or pan. Also taste the broth to see if it’s seasoned enough and you can adjust it to your liking. For those who like a little spicy taste, you can add a teaspoon of chili pepper or sweet pepper, it gives a nice color. A few minutes before serving, finally add the noodles so that they cook easily and soak up the delicious broth.

What side dish for your Chinese soup?

The broth should not be very liquid and transparent, it is good to add a spoonful of cornstarch to make it slightly thick, but not pasty, so that it is pleasant in the mouth. Do not hesitate to continue cooking on low heat to allow the water to evaporate, then you will have a Chinese soup with a perfect consistency. There is no need to provide a side dish as you have all the ideal ingredients for a balanced meal. There are indeed vegetables, meat and noodles.

For dessert, a yogurt will be more than enough, it allows you to have a fairly light meal and you can easily store your Chinese soup in a special container. For example, an airtight Tupperware would be ideal, then you can enjoy your soup the next day by simply reheating it in the microwave. You can add a little broth. For the service, I have a nice technique for not having a lot of water. You take a type of Chinese to pour only the vegetables, noodles, and meat.

Then, with a ladle, you drip a little broth depending on the preferred amount. First of all, it allows you to take in more solid foods than liquids.

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