All vegetables in a box or individually for the cheapest soup?

Luana went to 3 supermarkets: Delhaize, Match and Lidl. Do you think the cans are cheaper or more expensive than the individual ingredients?

  1. First, the direction of Match, where she buys a box of ratatouille soup. It needs a few ingredients. Zucchini, eggplant, pepper, tomato, onion and garlic. Once you’ve done your little shopping, head to the checkout to find out how much the box costs. Box price: €5 (€4.99). Price of ingredients per unit: €7.65 (€7.64). Lbox is cheaper by €2.65. At the store, they round up the cents at the register, but Luana puts on the price tag every time.

2. Then head to Delhaize. This time, for the carrot/sweet potato soup can, Luana looks for all the ingredients that are listed on the can. After collecting everything, go to the checkout. And the individual ingredients. The box is €1.38 cheaper.

3. Finally, on my way to Lidl to buy my last can of carrot/butter soup. I also buy the ingredients I need. And then head to checkout to find out the price of the box: €3.50 (€3.49) And the individual ingredients: 5.08 euros; so €1.59 cheaper for the box.

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