Can you cure a cold with chicken soup?

Every winter, the common cold returns with an array of natural remedies: honey, thyme and grog. Chicken broth, grandma’s anti-wasting recipe, is said to have therapeutic properties. Myth or reality?

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Can you cure a cold with chicken soup? —
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Grandma’s magic concoction is simmering in a big pot, with some not-so-glamorous ingredients… Warm water, vegetables, herbs, but most of all, leftover Sunday chicken!

“Jewish Penicillin”

This is a medicine used long ago by the Jewish population. In 13th century Egypt, the Jewish physician Maimonides prescribed it to his patients to relieve their respiratory tract.

Although chicken soup has no antibacterial properties, it has been called the “Jewish Penicillin.” This broth challenged even American scientists. Three studies have been conducted since the 1980s.

For them, this soup would help clear the sinuses and allow the white blood cells to better fight the virus. But researchers have never been able to identify the key ingredient.

The main vitamins in vegetables

The many vitamins contained in vegetables, but also carnosine would be their hypotheses. This amino acid present in chicken would have a beneficial effect on the immune system.

But for that you will have to drink soup constantly. Which is nothing very solid from a scientific point of view.

So even if it’s comforting, grandma’s soup won’t get rid of a virus… For that, don’t hesitate to stop by the pharmacy.

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