Cookbooks: the most appetizing gifts

A scoop of comfort

What’s better than a good soup to warm us up after a winter day spent outdoors! The blogger kitchen Genevieve Plante, at the heart of the website Vert Couleur Persil, has come up with dozens of recipes for broths, creams, soups, shoulder and other soups that promise not only comfort but also a change of scenery. His creations make us travel to Italy, India, Thailand and Africa in particular.

She also takes the opportunity to offer some basic recipes, including one with savory herbs or green curry, that will easily spice up any stock worthy of the name. Be careful, it’s hot!

Recipe book

3 times a day – very simpleby Marilou, Cardinal, 264 pages, $39.95

Marilou simple fact

For that the fifth volume in his series Three times a daylaunched in 2014, Marilou created 90 recipes WHOshe promises get ready in a moment. And she I took care of it from c to imagine for all meals for the day, from breakfast to dinner inclusive small snacks and snacks, not forgetting of course, the desserts.

The culinary stylist and influencer there is too guarantees that chaone of vsyou are news recipewith contains few ingredientsand above all that these is foundnt easy all year round in groceries. End of the mad dash all over the city to find love lemon balm, nigella… And as it is with everyone volume of Three times a day, aesthetics ultralicked and pictures beautifulsigned Justine Marc-Orel, occupy a prominent place and whet your appetite!

recipe book

Air Fryer – 75 Healthy Recipesby Gina Homolka, translated by Paulette Vanier, Les Éditions de l’Homme, 176 pages, $26.95

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