Cyril Lignac’s tips for a creamy and gourmet vegetable velouté

Elodie, who lives in Auxerre, will need the advice of Cyril Lignac to prepare a vegetable velouté.

You need carrots, leeks, potatoes, mushrooms and spinach. “Then I have a passion for pumpkin or potimaron. The main thing in velouté is to put the vegetables you want and we mix them to have a soup we like,” begins Cyril Linjac. The chef advises putting spinach in the soup to get your kids to eat. You can also add soft boiled egg of your soup for one true wholesome nutrition.

Start with it caramelizes your vegetables in a pan with butter and a little grape seed oil. Then we put water in a pot with a bay leaf, thyme, vegetables and let it cook 20 or 30 minutes, It depends on how we will cut the vegetables”, explains the chef.

Then mix with a little clotted cream. In addition, you can do small croutons with a little semi-salted butter and grated Gruyere, which you toast in the oven. “You can eat soup without being punished,” concludes Cyril Linjac.
Do you have any questions for Cyril Linjac? Recipe idea? React in the comments of this article, the chef will answer you in his column every morning at 8:55 am.

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