How long can an open brick of soup be stored?

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After autumn arrived with the cold days, we now prefer comforting dishes like soup. Its brick version is very popular because it is quick and easy to prepare, but how long does it keep after opening? We finally answer the question!

Autumn came a month ago already with its low temperatures and rainy days. Yes, summer is definitely over. No more cocktails by the pool and tomatoes/mozzarella on the patio, now we turn to comfort foods that lift our spirits. Soup is perfect for that. In fact, according to a Yougov survey, 87% of French people perceive it as a comforting and economical dish. Moreover, 94% had consumed it in the previous year. Because yes, soup has many benefits. For 93% of respondents, this is a good way to eat vegetables, and especially for children, who are sometimes reluctant to this type of food. The soup also allows you to diversify the consumption of vegetables: potatoes, zucchini, carrots: it is available in a thousand and one ways. In addition, it offers undeniable practicality and speed when purchased ready-made. It’s obviously homemade, that’s for sure. But with this subway/work/sleep routine, many French people, around 59%, opt for ready-made soup. Several options are available to you if you purchase it commercially: You can take it…

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