How to use a whole chicken from A to Z?

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Whole chicken is one of our favorite meals, we like to eat it with potatoes or mashed potatoes. Yet when you cook it and slice it, you tend to lose this great ingredient. Discover our recipes and tips for cooking your whole chicken from A to Z.

Chicken is a meat that has many benefits! Economical, makes it possible to carry out low cost recipes. It is also of “weak flesh”, we are also talking about white meat, which has a low fat concentration. Finally, the environmental impact of poultry farms is lower than that of cattle. To successfully prepare a roast chicken, there are a few simple tricks, such as taking it out two hours in advance, turning it halfway through cooking, basting it well with its juices… But it can also be used whole for cooking of a few recipes a week, a bit like group cooking, with the added bonus of an anti-waste approach!

The recipe for using chicken breast

The breast is often the favorite part of the chicken! And there’s a reason, fillets are tender and can be used quite easily in any recipe: in a breaded version, in a curry, on a barbecue…
First, here are some simple ideas for weeknights:

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For those who are really hungry, we have lots of recipe ideas:

The recipe for using the thighs

Sometimes you’re not sure what to do with that part of the chicken. You can just cook them in the oven, but you can also use them to make a delicious tagine! This cooking method allows for tender flesh that comes apart almost on its own and does not dry out the meat. We have a few recipes for you to enjoy.

And if you’re looking for other drumstick preparation ideas, we still have a few ideas in stock:

The recipe for using the corpse

The carcass is often an overlooked part of the chicken, and that’s a shame! It allows you to prepare delicious recipes at a lower cost. You can use it to make soup or broth. Just put it in a large saucepan or pot with onions, carrots, leeks and put it cold water at altitude. For added flavor, consider adding a bouquet garni and a clove or two. Let it simmer for an hour. You can strain your broth or. enjoy simply as a soup, removing the carcass. You can also make stock to make an Asian or Thai soup and replace your usual cube.

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