In summer, all the benefits of a cold soup – Presented

July 21, 2022

Light and refreshing, cold soups have been popular for several years. In summer, besides being delicious, they bring many benefits.

The most famous cold soup is gazpacho. Originally from Andalusia, it is made from tomatoes, stale bread, cucumbers, peppers and onions. Finely season the garlic and olive oil. And water loosens it up, which gives it its first advantage: hydration. ” A bowl of soup carries about 250 ml of water, which is added to the rest of the drinks for the day “, explains the Interprofession of Fruits and Vegetables. ” A little extra: some of this water is bound to the fiber of vegetables and fruits, which allows its absorption to be spread over time. »

Vitamins and lightness

Another advantage, soups have the characteristic of combining several vegetables or fruits. However, each of them has its own nutritional characteristics: carrots and melon are rich in carotenoids, tomatoes in lycopene, cabbage in calcium, strawberries in vitamin C, grapes in tannins, etc. Which act as a complement to each other. And since the ingredients are mixed raw, the vitamins and minerals are better preserved.

Finally, cold soups are low in calories. ” One bowl carries about 150 kcal, which is more than negligible. In addition, their wealth of water and fiber gives them very important satiating power.. »

Dessert too

Vegetables aren’t the only ones that go well in fresh soups. Fruits – strawberries, peaches, cherries, melon… – will also be ideal to refresh the dessert. Technically, it’s very simple. A little agave syrup or honey for extra sweetness, spices like anise, cinnamon or ginger if you like and you’re done! Just mix everything together and let it chill in the fridge before eating. If you’re short on ideas, you’ll be a hit with Strawberry Basil Soup. A delicious classic.

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