Is the famous cabbage soup diet really making you lose weight? here is the truth

The cabbage soup diet is a very low-calorie weight loss program that helps you lose weight quickly. Very difficult to follow daily given its unique menu based on cabbage soup, it should not last more than 7 days.

Binding but short, cabbage soup diet is one of the most famous. He promises a weight loss of 2 to 5 kg in one week but the results depend on a large number of factors: age, sex, morphology… And the effects on health must be taken into account.

Cabbage soup saturates and burns fat. You should consume it at the beginning of each meal (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner). The soup should consist of several vegetables such as cabbage, tomatoes, garlic, onions, peppers, carrots, celery and parsley, but no potatoes. You can also add spices like curry to it.

What recipes for cabbage soup for weight loss?

Here are some easy ones cheap for making delicious and fat-burning cabbage soups.

What foods are allowed on the cabbage soup diet?

  • Day 1: fruits
  • Day 2: vegetables
  • Day 3: fruits + vegetables
  • Day 4: banana (3 maximum) + skim milk
  • Day 5: beef cooked without fat or poultry without skin
  • Day 6: beef, veal, poultry without skin and cooked without fat + vegetables
  • Day 7: brown rice, fruit juice without added sugar + vegetables

What foods are prohibited on a cabbage soup diet?

The cabbage soup diet is very restrictive. Except for the recommended foods, all others are prohibited

  • cold cuts
  • Fats: butter, oil, fresh cream
  • Sweets: jam, chocolates, biscuits…
  • Full-fat cheeses and milk
  • Alcoholic beverages

At the end of the first week, you can gradually enrich your diet with fruits and then vegetables, or even beef or brown rice. On the drinks side, you can take water, coffee or tea without sugar. On the 7th day, fruit juices without added sugar can be introduced. To avoid cravings and achieve rapid satiety, it is recommended to drink a bowl of soup in the morning and before dinner. Finally, remember to allow a time period of at least two weeks before starting again if necessary.

Can you exercise while on a cabbage soup diet?

Since this is a hypocaloric diet (600 kcal) for a short period, the energy intake is very low. Therefore it is better avoid any physical activity. This would increase energy expenditure, which could cause hypoglycemia, vagal discomfort, and increase the risk of cardiovascular events.

Is the cabbage soup diet dangerous?

This very low-calorie diet is prohibited for children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with health problems (diabetes, hypertension). The risks to the body (cardiovascular problems, gallstones, hypoglycemia, etc.) can increase even more if the diet lasts more than 7 days.. As with all weight loss diets, it is best to consult your doctor before starting.

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