our best seasonal recipes

If the current weather remains mild and pleasant, the return of our favorite soups is approaching, and the most cautious among us have already succumbed to this culinary trend in the midst of autumn-winter. Tasty, delicious and easy to prepare, we deliver our 7 favorite soups to ensure food addiction from Monday to Sunday! Peas, zucchini, leeks, coral lentils or carrots… We put seasonal vegetables in focus and bet on tasty and healthy preparations to welcome the autumn season with taste and ease!

Soup Mania: Follow the Guide!

After heating your vegetables in a pan with olive oil, add just the right amount of water to create a creamy and airy texture, then blend everything with an immersion blender. Whether you like it more velvety or in a soup, you can easily add fresh cream or milk to thicken your soup and give it more texture.

Team Green Soup Detox? We are betting on pea soup or ultra-gourmet green beans for the cold season that is coming and slowly settling in. A fan of spices and exotic flavors? You will indulge in coral lentil, carrot, curry and coconut milk soup or a version with ginger, coconut milk and pumpkin: a treat!

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