PEREUIL: A symphony of successful soups!

Ivana FEVRIE of St Symphorien de Marmagne won 1st prize at the soup symphony organized on Sunday 06 November by the association “PERREUIL today”.

This was the 7th edition of this event organized since 2015 and every year the success is there. It must be said that the period is ideal for tasting soups, because nature is generous: pumpkins, pumpkins, chestnuts, walnuts, apples, various vegetables… This year, 11 soups were offered to the public and were the subject of the prize list of the – the good soup! These soups were mainly presented by associations in the village, neighboring villages and also by a few individuals. By the looks of the name of the soups, it’s always a big unknown before you try: nettle soup, apple beet soup, caldo verde, vegetable soup like poor man’s bouillabaisse, BCCG soup, but also more classic names: creme walnut, Indian style pumpkin soup, pistou soup and some nostalgic soups: Grandma DEBROI’s soup, Julie’s soup… From 5 pm, with spoons in hand, the tasters went around the 11 tables, sometimes two at a time, and the first round was just an appetizer! 2022 turned out to be a good vintage because all the soups are of good quality and the final verdict will show that. Then it was voting time to make the Top 5 soup list with ballots cast into the ballot boxes and counted under the watchful eyes of the candidates! After obscurity maintained by the organizers, the counting of 103 ballots showed very close results for the top 5, with only a few votes separating them and the verdict was:

1st Prize: Ivana FEVRIE – St Symphorien de Marmagne with “Velouté de châtaignes” (a loyal entrant who has often placed in the top 5 in previous competitions)
2nd prize: Victorio PINTO (Gites d’Etevoux and PERREUIL today) with “BCCG soup”
3rd prize: Jean-Luc GLASNER (St Bérain sur Dheune Festival Committee) with “nettle soup” (was already ranked 1st in 2019 and 3rd in 2021)
4th prize: Anne Marie BALMONT, Ghislaine GUINOT and Danièle KRENKER (Radiant Words – Morey) with “nut cream”
5th prize: Clotilde AUBELLE and Jean François GALLET (Ar

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