Solidarity sandwiches and soup for an anti-waste menu

The initiative, which started four years ago, has once again reaped success.

Auberge espalionne is a pioneer and organized the first solidarity soup four years ago. Recently, the same operation was a great success. A joyous atmosphere reigned in the Place du Marché, where the Auberge espalionne invited the population to participate in this event of solidarity. A meeting passed in a cheerful atmosphere, decorated with the notes of the trio Cure-Toupines with Fred on the bagpipes, Guillaume on the violin and Alain on the accordion. A veritable beehive where volunteers of all ages peeled and cut the vegetables, rinsed and dried the dishes… Housework shared with a smile for a good cause: raising awareness about food waste. Fruits and vegetables not always very aesthetic, sometimes a little ripe but tasty, offered by local producers, traders, supermarkets or ordinary people, which made it possible to produce 240 liters of soup to eat on site or to take away, delicious vegetable sandwiches or fruit juice, prepared with the smoocyclette pedal.

At the same time, recipes were presented, games and hands-on activities were offered to children, and the APF France stand for people with disabilities informed visitors.

In the same vein, the recycling workshop runs Denayrouz Street. Recently created, it allows with the help of volunteers to repair items that have been thrown away and give them a second life.

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