Tastebuds are celebrating at Paul-Gache Nursing Home

Taste Week was especially appreciated at the Paul-Gache Nursing Home. It ended with a soup competition, initiated by Zoé and other facilitators, where the residents were tasters, some counselors and also actors in different sectors of the establishment.

In competition were: the soup with forgotten vegetables, developed in part by the people at Jardin des Oliviers; the chestnut pumpkin soup during the reception day; Chorba Chorba by Pasa Hospitality; pisthu soup from the residents of the first floor; vegetable soup from the residents of the ground floor.

Then the prepared and served soups and broths were subjected by the staff and many volunteers to the judgment of the taste buds of grandparents who did not hesitate to give their opinion like Sabine, super delicious: This soup is very salty and peppery and super greedy when he tried the vegetable soup: “It deserves to be accompanied by sausages ! .

A small jury composed of Claude, a resident, Nicole, a relative, and the principal, Mrs. Glatz, took into account the comments made and gave scores. In this little game, the forgotten vegetable soup got the best score, thanks to the taste and aroma of Jerusalem artichoke. Laughter and a presentation of the hat to the winning sector rounded off a very lively afternoon

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