The new products from November 2022

The new products from November 2022

Fresh products

Marie Morin – Cafe Tiramisu

Until now offered in a duo format, Marie Morin offers its generous Tiramisu composed of mascarpone, thick fresh Paysan Breton cream and soft biscuits lightly infused with Colombian coffee individually. Tub (80g), €1.95

Herta – Poultry

Herta simplifies the recipes of its range of poultry (chicken and turkey), rich in 10 references, plain, smoked, roasted or spit, to make them Canned products without nitrites and all with a rated Nutri-Score B.

Paso Catering – Football Edition

The leader in catering aperitifs prepares for the World Cup with Préfoot, Préfou des supporters (camembert, ham and onion) and two mini burger recipes: Cheeseburger (sliced ​​pure beef, cheddar, pickles and ketchup sauce) and Bacon Burger (sliced ​​bacon, ground beef, pickle, BBQ sauce), all available in a limited edition Foot. Prefoot (16 slices), €4.19 – Mini burgers (X6), €5.19

Invitation to the farm – organic strawberry yogurts from France

Organic farmer chain Invitation à la Ferme continues its local commitment and now offers these organic sour milks, creamy and delicious, with an intense aroma of French strawberries. Pack of 4 yogurts, €2.99

Bonduel – Rosa Crocante

With its sweet and bitter flavors reminiscent of endive, Rossa Croccante, the new variety in France of the Italian salad from the Venice region, extends the range of pre-washed salads also in Bonduelle sachets. Bag (100g), €1.89

Bigard – “Hand Made” Spiked Pork Paupietas

Bigard offers two new recipes for hand-cured smoked bacon pork poupietas: one with cheddar cheese and tomato, the other with wild garlic. 3 x 125g, €5.90

Sodebo – Wrapper’s

Sodebo completes its Nomadic range with 4 new wrap recipes: Chicken, Smoked Bacon, Cheddar & Sauce Burger Wrap, Breaded Chicken, Cheddar Wrap, Fried Onion & Sweet Mustard, Pork, Onion, Cheddar & Sauce Wrap for barbecue and wrap, Cajun vegetables, corn, cheddar and hot sauce. 190 g, 3.16 euros

Côteaux Nantais – Fresh fruit desserts

Côteaux Nantais completes its range of fresh desserts with new simple and gourmet recipes. No added sugar and portable thanks to their individual format, these 100% organic and cold pasteurized desserts are available in 3 recipes: Apples, Apples-vanilla and Apples-strawberries. 130 g, €2.90

Pavé d’Affinois – black truffle

For the holidays, Pavé d’Affinois, the soft and creamy cheese is decorated with authentic pieces of black truffle and is available in 3 sizes: mini, classic and family. From €4.40

The Two Cows – Greek Stracciatella

Made from organic milk and organic cream from Normandy, the Greek range is complemented by a new recipe for stracciatella, a smooth and velvety yogurt with crunchy organic chocolate shavings. 4 x 115g, €2.59

Malo – sour milks with exotic flavors

A nod to the beginnings of the Route du Rhum, of which the brand is a partner, Malo offers a new panache of full-fat sour milks in a glass jar with natural flavors of pineapple, coconut, guava and mango-passion. 4 x 125g, €1.99

Le Petit Basque – Sweet Sheep Stracciatella

Le Petit Basque enriches its iconic Douceur de Brebis range, the first milk specialty made from sheep’s milk in the ultra-fresh market, from the new Stracciatella recipe to small pieces of crunchy dark chocolate. 4 x 100g, €3.10

Salty groceries

Well done Hugo-Pickles

Colorful and crunchy, the new Bravo Hugo pickles put French summer vegetables in a jar with two delicious recipes: Red Peppers with Oregano and Curried Zucchini. Jar (22.8cl) from €3.30

Jardin Bio étic – Soups from France

From vegetables to bricks, Jardin Bio étic soups carry the Origine France Garantie label and are available in 6 soup recipes: 9 Vegetables, Peas and Greens, Coral Lentils, Coconut and Curry, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Chestnut, Butternut and a hint of cream and Provençal and quinoa. Brick (1l), from €2.49

Grandeur Nature – Creamy tomato soup

100% plant-based, a natural source of fibre, low in fat and made from vegetables from France, the new Velouté of tomatoes, vegetables and pasta completes the range already made up of 14 different recipes. Brick (1 l), 3.09 euros – in organic stores

Pointe de Penmarc’h – Sardines for frying

The Douarnenez Cannery offers you to taste sardines all year round, as if they were freshly caught. Prepared and wrapped by hand, they are topped with Breton whipped butter. Once fried on a low heat, they offer a delicious and soft flesh and are available in 3 recipes: Spices from the Orient, Tomato with Provencal herbs and Breton salicornia. Tin (115 g), 4.20 euros

Liebig – Soups

No colourings, no preservatives, no artificial flavors and no flavor enhancers, these are three new original recipes that complete the range of bottled soups: Garden Vegetable Mouline, Green Vegetable Mouline and Sweet Potato Coconut Milk Veloute. Bottle (75cl), from €2.69

Herta – Gamma sausages

Herta launches its first range of sausages with Fuet, the dry Catalan sausage with a good meat flavor and Chorizo ​​​​​​​​​​​made with only 3 ingredients (meat, salt and spices), available in mild and strong flavors. Fuet (180g), €2.85 – Chorizo ​​(280g), €3.52

Sweet groceries

TooGood – cotton candy

With 90% less sugar than the classic recipe, this cotton candy has Nutriscore A. Made from chicory fiber, this alternative recipe offers the same taste and texture as traditional cotton candy. Bag (10g), €2.39

Kignon – Biscuits

Made by people with disabilities, from unsold bread, these little warrior biscuits are available in 4 recipes: Chocolate-Hazelnut, Chocolate-Orange, Lemon-Almond and Buckwheat. Pack (150g), €3.95 – Exclusive at Naturalia and online

Nestlé – Chocapic

Chocapic has improved its recipe, previously rated B, to make it a Nutri-Score A. To do this, the brand has reduced sugar (-42%), salt (-57%) and increased fiber in the recipe by taking whole wheat (+114%). Pack (430g), €2.85

M&M’s – Advent Calendar

Rouge et Jaune are back with their advent calendar filled with a diverse selection of chocolates and chocolate balls. 361 g, 8.50 euros

Celebrations – Advent Calendar

Mars®, Snickers®, Bounty® or even Twix®… Every day a gourmet miniature must be hatched to wait until Christmas. 215 g, €4.99

Kinder – Advent calendar

The traditional Kinder Advent Calendar gets a new format: a super expandable train full of all Kinder specialties (Kinder Chocolat Mini, Kinder Chocolat Happy, Kinder Chocolat, Kinder Schoko-Bons, Kinder Surprise, Kinder Happy Hippo Cacao, Kinder Country). 221 g, €11.99


Bud – Buuuud

For the end of the year, Bud beer changes its name and becomes Buuuuud, without changing anything in its recipe with the established sweetness brought by a long brewing and refining of 4 weeks on beech shavings. Pack (6x25cl), €4.99 – Also available in 12×25cl and 20x25cl.

Jardin Bio étic – Flavored black teas

Jardin Bio étic expands its range of new flavored and fair black teas, available in packaging with an ecological design. Harvested in Guzhang, Hunan Province, China, they come in 4 flavors: Citrus Duo, Delicious Vanilla, Intense Chai and Fruity Pleasure, Red Fruits. Box (20 sachets), €2.79

Ginger – ginger beer

This new brand of French ginger beer is made from Peruvian ginger juice and Sicilian lemon juice for intense flavor and pleasant freshness. Alcohol-free, Ginger is organic and low in sugar. Bottle (33cl), €2.80 – (75cl), €5.20 – available in specialist bio networks, wine merchants, delicatessens and online.

Joker – Juice Me Up

Joker is launching a responsible organic juice that you can make yourself. 1 20 cl Juice Me Up briquette makes 1 L of 100% fruit and organic juice, while generating less packaging waste and less carbon footprint. This new range is available in 3 references: orange, apple and 5 fruits. Briquette (20cl), €2.25.

Meo-Fisho – Kuta

Méo-Fichaux, the first independent French bakery, launches KOOTA, a new brand of organic and fair trade coffee aiming for a neutral carbon footprint thanks to delivery by sailboat. The range consists of 2 recipes – L’Harmonieux and Le Puissant, available in grain and ground form and sold in 100% recyclable tins. Grains (220g), €5.95 – Ground (250g), €5.95 – Available online, exclusively at Chronodrive and soon at Monoprix

The 2 Marmottes – Break always

A combination of lemon balm to soothe stress, verbena to find inner peace and orange blossom petals with relaxing properties, Pause’s new infusion always promotes healthy relaxation. Box (30 sachets), €5.10



Bonduelle – vegetable chips

100% vegetable, these croquettes are a delicious and fun way to eat vegetables. Available in 3 recipes: Broccoli, with Emmental cheese and puffed rice breadcrumbs, Butternut-pumpkin, with mozzarella and linseed breadcrumbs and Cauliflower with Emmental cheese and crispy breadcrumbs. Box (x8), between €3.09 and €3.19

On the brand side


The brand emphasizes comforting recipes with Maroilles Flamiche, sausage patties, Emmental parsnips and mashed potatoes or fruit for smoothies to get your fill of vitamins.

The crossroads

Voted the best vodka in the world at the World Vodka Awards, Vikoroff Vodka is sold exclusively at Carrefour alongside other exclusive spirits with excellent value for money.


Thiriet opens its soup bar with mixed vegetables, already peeled and chopped, such as minestrone mix, organic soup vegetables or 4 soup vegetables.


Called Less Sugar, Auchan’s new low-sugar range consists of 6 references to gourmet combination biscuits and two oat bran cereal bars. This range is free of refined sugars, sweeteners and palm oil.

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The new products for November 2022 can be found in supermarkets and hypermarkets, local shops, organic shops, specialist shops and online. Prices are for information only.


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