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Every Tuesday “Liberation” offers you a school menu, complete, cheap and easy to carry out.

Every Tuesday, Liberation offers a school menu, complete, cheap and easy to prepare: starter, main course and dessert, for 3 to 5 euros per person. And since students rarely have kitchens of 15 square meters and lots of utensils, we stick to a classic set: knife, peeler, cutting board, whisk, plate, pot and pan, spinner for salad or tea towels, mini oven, plate and plunger mixer (or blender) and basta. Today radish toast (€1), vegetable curry and basmati rice (€2.20) and cinnamon and ricotta brioche (€1.30). Estimated total price for this menu: €4.50 per guest.


Toast with radishes

You will need: a slice of rustic bread; a large knob of butter; salt pepper; a nice handful of pink radishes.

Wash the radishes well and cut them in the direction that seems most beautiful to you (thin, wide, diagonally, etc.). You can keep some green on some radishes. Toast if desired and butter your slice of country bread. Arrange the radish pieces neatly on top. A sprinkle of ground pepper, a sprig of fleur de sel and it’s done.

For variety, next time you can mix your pink radishes with some black radish – which are much stronger, even spicy, so use sparingly.

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A plate

Vegetable curry and basmati rice

You will need: 2 large carrots; 1 small eggplant; 1 head of yellow onion; 1 small tin of peeled tomatoes; curry powder or paste; salt and pepper; olive oil; 1 small brick of coconut milk; 60 g of basmati rice (uncooked); fresh cilantro or flat parsley (or other herb of your choice). You can also add leftover chickpeas and/or some raisins if you like.

Clean the vegetables and peel the carrots. Carrots and eggplant are cut into pieces, onions are cut into slices and everything is stewed in a pan with a little oil. Reduce heat, add peeled tomatoes, curry, adjust seasoning. Cover and simmer on low heat for half an hour. Add the coconut milk, cook a little longer uncovered, the time to cook the basmati rice in a pan of salted water. Drain the rice, mix the vegetable curry well, if necessary add some curry. Put the rice on a plate, the vegetable curry on top and garnish with finely chopped fresh herbs.

The advantage of this dish is that it can simmer for a long time if the aperitif is long or if all the guests have not yet arrived. And it’s even better reheated the next day.


Brioche with ricotta and cinnamon

For this dessert you need a slice or two of lightly dried brioche; cinnamon; 1 egg; 15 cl of milk; a teaspoon of powdered sugar; a tablespoon of ricotta; a stick of butter.

Mix the egg, milk, sugar and cinnamon. Dip it or the piece(s) of brioche into this mixture and place everything in a hot pan where you have melted some butter. Cook on both sides until the brioche is toasted. Serve with a tablespoon of ricotta, on its own or mixed with a little sugar.

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