TOP – Our 10 best recipes for cooking eggs

Listing the benefits of boiling the egg would be longer and tedious than the other way around, the list is so comprehensive! As part of World Egg Day, we bring you our best egg recipes!

Even those who don’t know how to boil an egg know the benefits. Egg is a nutritious, economical and local food. It appears that two-thirds of Canadians prefer their eggs to be produced locally. With 1,200 egg producers in Canada, it would be crazy to pass up this privilege!

1. Tacos with eggs and beans

Instead of cooking the egg for breakfast, our chef suggests cooking it for lunch. With this recipe, you will have on hand a nutritious and economical meal that you can eat at any time of the day.

Full recipe: Egg and Bean Tacos


2. Mac with cheese and egg

This recipe is thought out and designed to welcome the kids back home from school without a hitch. Quick and economical, these pastas are topped with pancetta and eggs.

Recipe: macaroni with cheese and egg


3. Burger with mushrooms and eggs

This gourmet BBQ burger recipe is proof that eggs can be versatile. This sandwich can be topped with bacon, lettuce and mayonnaise.

Recipe: burger with mushrooms and eggs


4. Classic twine

Caponata is a variation of ratatouille made with eggplant. To make this Sicilian-inspired recipe a success, you need to cover the vegetable preparation with runny egg.

Recipe: classic canape


5. Pizza with eggs and mushrooms

What if pizza could be adapted for breakfast? Here’s what our chef Jonathan Garnier offers in this homemade pizza recipe made with local eggs and fried mushrooms.

Recipe: pizza with eggs and mushrooms


6. Ramen soup with beef and boiled egg

Ramen noodle soup is a happy Japanese heritage that has taken the West by storm. It basically consists of broth, seaweed, chunks of beef and a poached egg.

Recipe: Ramen soup with beef and soft-boiled egg


7. Omelet with mushrooms

Simple but effective, this omelette recipe makes every morning easier!

Recipe: Omelet with mushrooms


8. Pasta with asparagus and poached eggs

Much better with asparagus and eggs than here, this pasta recipe can be made any time of day.

Recipe: pasta with asparagus and poached eggs


9. Breakfast club sandwich

Made with chicken breast, whole wheat bread, and eggs, this breakfast sandwich is packed with protein and flavor. This is how every morning should start!

Recipe: Club Sandwich for Breakfast


10. Avocado with eggs and salmon

If you are looking for an original idea for serving eggs, look no further, we have the recipe for you! Easy to make, this recipe can be enhanced with caramelized onions and chili flakes.

The recipe: avocado with eggs and salmon


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