Village Neuf Christmas Market: Markets in Village Neuf

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The city invites you to its traditional Christmas market on the Place de la Liberation, opposite the town hall. The Schweitzer Elementary School in Village-Neuf, the Saint-Vincent de Paul Conference, Laücher Stéblé, Maison de Lilian, Association Vive la Vie, Old Potes, the extracurricular Les Chouettes, Neuderf Waggis, Youth Service and about fifteen exhibitors. You can try warm chestnuts, you will find homemade honey, all kinds of Christmas sweets, jams, jewelry, minerals, Christmas decorations, Christmas items, handmade sewing, knitting, wooden items, candles, Christmas cards, all kinds of gift ideas and various crafts. Association Rond’ment Bien will offer hot drinks, vegetable soup and snacks throughout the day. You can also eat with Flamm’ Baquettes from Maison de Lilian.

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