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On this long weekend, it’s good to have fun without thinking too much about the next day. And for that matter, what could be better than an all-you-can-eat buffet early in the morning? Today we’re bringing you brunch at The People (formerly The People Hostel), a place we really like and worth stopping by for its brunch, but not only.

the people it’s a huge hybrid place between bar, restaurant and hostel. Located in the district of Krutenau, is located in the former tobacco factory and extends over more than 3500 m2rooms included. Aimed at Strasbourg residents, but also at locals from all over the worldrepresents the revitalization of those places of life, in English, that open up to the city and its inhabitants.

Open all day, The People is neither a traditional hotel nor a hostel as one can imagine. It’s just a comfortable and fully equipped place where you can come and have a meal or a drink.when it’s convenient for us.

And since we’re talking about places to live, The People comes alive almost every night with concerts, jam sessions, DJ sets, workshops and aperitifs of all kinds. All in a light and friendly atmosphere, characteristic of this kind of place, where meetings are created almost naturally.

Today we take you to discover The People’s Sunday Brunch: a home-cooked buffet that mixes sweet, savory, hot and cold in a family-friendly and relaxed feel-good atmosphere.

Priced at €25 per person, it’s an excellent alternative for brunch fans who don’t want to ruffle too many feathers. We settle in, disconnect and enjoy the moment.

A maxi sweet and savory buffet, all without breaking the bank

Every Sundaythe team of The people now welcomes Strasbourg(e.gc)from 12pm to 2:30pm for their Maxi Brunch. News about the establishment that renews this Sunday meeting.

Available by reservation (places leave quickly), brings together a beautiful series of small homemade snacks, hot or cold, that respect the season. Hey yes, every week the chef imagines his menu with the fruits and vegetables available in the area: no more tomatoes and cucumbers in winter.

For example, this Sunday, on the salty side, we can find on the menu: anice selection of cheeses and charcuterie, meatballs, sauteed mushrooms, fish bites, polenta fries, marinated chicken skewers, hummus, Lorraine mini quiches, bagels, falafel, soup, scrambled eggs, salad quinoa and beetroot or even pate en croute.

The People's Brunch
© Bastien Pietronave / Pokaa

On the sweet front, the buffet suggested : Croissants, pain with chocolate, cheese blanc and muesli, homemade pears and chocolate, homemade tiramisu, waffles, fruit, homemade pies, carrot cakeNutella and jams, but also unlimited juice (apple, strawberry and orange) as well as hot drinks: tea, warm milk and coffee.

The People's Brunch
© Bastien Pietronave / Pokaa

Our take on The People brunch

The team people put everything work so that we don’t feel NO at home and that’s why you get out of bed on Sunday. People come to enjoy a privileged moment, for themselves and their guests. For once, it’s good to forget the dishes and cleaning up after a meal: it’s the team that takes care of us.

Here, the atmosphere is relaxed and the place is as atypical as it is expansive. Generations meet and start conversations, that’s it a place where one goes easily to the other. At the same time, what could be better than an all-you-can-eat buffet to bond?

Good value for money, the brunch is varied and we think it needs a lot of work : most of the dishes on offer they have home summer (except pastries and pâté en croute)and it shows.

The People's Brunch
© Bastien Pietronave / Pokaa

Affordable and family-friendly, brunch isn’t for those who like high-end produce or unlimited clams. Rather, it’s reserved for people who like grandma’s little feasts, steamed and full of flavor. It feels like a great summer cookout!

Everything we tried was successful, well done. Apart from two or three fresh salads that were perhaps missing to refresh our palates, we had a great time for a really not a price crazy!

The people


Bar, restaurant, cafe, lifestyle and brunch spot


November 12, 2022


7 Rue de la Krutenau 67000 Strasbourg

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The People's Brunch
© Bastien Pietronave / Pokaa
The People's Brunch
© Bastien Pietronave / Pokaa
The People's Brunch
© Bastien Pietronave / Pokaa

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