We’ve ranked art attacks from most explosive to most lavish

Since the scaling of Mona Lisa last may, the food attacks on some of the world’s most famous paintings loaded one after the other like the first season episodes of a very compelling series. Without wanting to judge the environmental message behind these actions, we will rather allow ourselves to criticize the service itself. Let’s go.

#6. The label between Naked Maya and Dressed up Maya by Francisco de Goya

Two people, two hands glued to each of Goya’s paintings, and a huge “+1.5°C” label to refute the global warming predictions put forth by the international community, so we start this ranking with the most explosive action. Old UHU marker and glue label, thanks, but it wasn’t worth going to the soup aisle to get a Liebig with sun greens. Disappointed.

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#5. The soup of The sower by Vincent Van Gogh

Penetration level, we are on Premium. The two activists had slipped into the museum perfectly, like Konoha ninjas, to splash the cup with soup. What makes this act only deserve fifth place is the choice of soup. We’re clearly on an autumn vegetable soup here, certainly lots of potatoes, which doesn’t contrast enough with the field colors of Van Gogh’s canvas. With this lack of visibility, the penultimate one begins.

#4. The skull stuck The girl with the pearl earring by Johannes Vermeer

This act had everything to succeed and get on the podium, but clearly the duo lacked communication. Who already had the idea to stick their skull on the canvas? One arm is more than enough, but no, there’s always one to show (often bald). Tomato sauce in the neck, are we talking about it? Where does it come from? Who made this decision? Nothing works, but it’s so scary that I got caught and ended up fourth.

#3. Tomato soup The sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh

Well, there it is! Finally people have the good idea to use tomato soup! It’s red, it hides the canvas, and that’s all you want when you’re taking your picnic to the museum. In addition, the reel looks good quality, the throw is correct and we have the bonus that the wooden floor is a little dirty. Not forgetting the hands on the wall, with maximum strength glue for skin degumming. This is a well-deserved third place.

#2. The winning combination of Mill stones by Claude Monet

With their mashed potatoes accompanied by tomato sauce, the activists came up with an appetizer/main/dessert menu for us. Here we are in a perfect union of carbs and vegetables, the Avengers of museum activism. Look at this plane. It combines power and precision and completely covers the canvas. Add to that the little Fashion Week cardigans and the football team pose and we’re at one of the best events of the year.

#1. Cream pie on Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

The inlay of Mona Lisa is the original event of 2022 that started the wave of attacks on artworks. From then on, he already occupies a special place in our hearts. It includes all aspects of what you learn in the street school: infiltrating under the cover of disguise and choosing the most finished sweets, offering a little sweet taste to anyone who tries to resist the abuse of this attack.

Finally, we have the painting world’s most famous target, all in front of an audience completely outraged – and a little watery because delicious, cream pie. Everything is perfect in this video.

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