What to combine pumpkin with?

Fall’s flagship vegetable, pumpkins add color to any vegetable garden. Its sweet side and nutty taste allow it to be combined with different ingredients to make recipes, each of which is more delicious.

The star of the autumn garden and vegetable array. In this fall season, Pumpkin is one of the star vegetables from our recipes of the moment and the garden. Because yes, this pumpkin can be used for Halloween decorations or recipes. But the pumpkin should not only be associated with the Halloween party. And with good reason, it is grown between October and December. Something to add color to our garden or vegetable patch.

Belongs to family Cucurbitaceaebetter known as pumpkin, the pumpkin is highly prized for its firm, sweet-orange flesh and its taste is reminiscent of hazelnut. Thanks to its thin and delicate skin, this winter squash, which is a variety of pumpkin, is easy to peel. You can also eat it with the skin if it is organic or comes from the vegetable garden. A real plus when there are many ideas for recipes based on pumpkin and you want to prepare it to please the taste buds of our guests.

While some people prefer to eat the vegetables freshly cooked, others do combine it with other ingredients to make recipes, each one tastier than the next. But do you know what combinations are possible? Discover our pumpkin association ideas without further delay. Put on the kitchen apron and follow the instructions for 100% pumpkin dish !

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Associations with soup squash

Very popular in soups or other soups, pumpkin can be combined with any vegetables : potatoes, parsnips, tomatoes, onions or even carrots. Other ideas for possible associations: chestnut, bacon, but also pumpkin seeds.

Associations with pumpkin for a dish

After a soup, make room for the pumpkin dish. And recipe ideas abound ! For example, you can start with: pumpkin crumble, chicken, carrots and mint leaves, pumpkin quiche, leek, onion, bacon, pumpkin shepherd’s pie, potatoes, carrots, onions or even pumpkin and carrot and pumpkin seed gratin. You are spoiled for choice!

Associations with pumpkin for dessert

After the soup and pumpkin dish, it’s time for dessert! And here there is no lack of ideas for culinary associations. In ice cream, jam, cake or pie, pumpkin will they go great with spices like cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, but also with fruits like apple. We prefer to warn you that the most difficult thing will be to choose the recipe.

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