Your Flavors weekend: in October, here’s the good soup

Comforting, full of vitamins and fiber, easy to prepare, the soup comes with almost any vegetable. Choose it over pumpkin or onion this fall.

Eating soup fills you with vitamins and fiber, warms and soothes. It is also cheap and easy to prepare.

Now that we’ve told you that, you have no reason not to cook it. So for your stewards, the hardest part is peeling the vegetables (almost all of them can make soup) or… the fruit. Because they can be prepared both sweet and hot or cold. Cabbage soup, pumpkin soup, and onion soup are especially in season right now. That’s fine, we’re giving you the recipe for the latter.

In Florac, “hot broth” weekend

As every year, Florac (Lozère) celebrates soup on Thursday 27, Friday 28 and Saturday 29 October. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of activities on the menu, including a farmer’s market, “aperisoups” with brass bands, concerts, balls, street performances, children’s activities, hikes and the famous soup competition. Full program at

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